Employment Options

Each consultant has different needs. To be sensitive we offer two options:

  • W2 - hourly
  • Business-to-business (Corp-to-corp)
Some may opt to have us run payroll and deduct taxes and other costs. Some may prefer to bill us as a business and handle the taxes and deductions on their own. For either choice, we have a streamlined process.

Additional Benefits of Working With R-E-S

R-E-S doesn't just connect you with a position on a one-time basis. As relationships are a key component of what we do, we often extend the following addtional benefits.

  • Health Insurance
  • Charitable donation
  • Interview training
  • Skills testing
  • Introduction to our network.

Job Openings

In the past, R-E-S has not listed its open positions in order to maintain client confidentiality. While this serves a strong purpose, it has also prevented us from getting to know some passive-seekers out there. While we still will not post all jobs due to the confidential nature of many of our positions, we can share the following openings (opens in a new browser)

Doing Business With R-E-S

In some cases, Rapid External Solutions will form partnerships with specialty firms to assist us in our goal of best-in-class rapid delivery of resources. If you are a representative of a firm that can help us, please fill out our Vendor Application, and we will begin the contractual process.